Radiation Cameras
(Phosphor Coupled X-Ray Cameras)

X-ray Camera: HRX25, HRX40, HDX25, HDX40

A principle to detect high-energetic electromagnetic radiation (UV, X-rays) and particle radiation is the conversion to visible light in phosphor screens of different type and thickness. The emitted light is transmitted to the sensor of a camera. The use of fiber optical plates and tapers allows for high transmission efficiency and adaption of the field of view to the sensor size. As a manufacturer of Image Intensifiers and low-light CCD cameras, ProxiVision has a profound experience in coupling fiber optics to CCD / CMOS sensors and also in phosphor coating. ProxiVision delivers the complete imaging detector, consisting of phosphor coating, fiber coupling, camera, housing due to the customer requests. The imaging detectors are based on large variety of commercially available cameras and are upgraded by ProxiVision’s know-how of coating, fiber coupling and cameras. ProxiVision also offers services in the field of coating and coupling due to customer’s requirements.



  • Modular design for effective integration of a wide set of options
  • Application-optimized coupling between detection screen and camera sensor
  • Setup and camera electronics according to customer requirements
  • Many screen and sensor types (large range of pixel and sensor sizes, resolutions, framerates)
  • Coupling with fiber optical plates (1:1) or adaption of field of view by taper coupling
  • Coupling efficiency up to 70% (1:1)
  • P43, P46, P47, P11 and other scintillators



  • Detection of electrons, UV, X-rays, particles
  • Detection in vacuum or ambient conditions
  • Imaging
  • Time and laterally resolved intensity measurements
  • Beam adjustments
  • Beam profile analysis

Configuration parameters


  • active diameter: 25mm, 40mm, customer specific



Besides the standard configuration we do also take into account application-specific requirements. Thus we invite our customers to provide such information. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.