ProxiVision GmbH is a manufacturer, supplier and service provider for high-grade optoelectronical components and detector systems, especially for

  • low-light and short-gating (nanoseconds) intensified cameras
  • image intensifiers
  • detectors for x-rays, UV, visible light, NIR, particles

Roots of ProxiVision GmbH go back to the know-how and production facilities of Proxitronic Detector Systems GmbH, formerly Proxitronic Funk GmbH & Co. KG, which was originally founded in 1978 as a management buy-out from Bosch TV manufacturing plant. At that time that company was located in Darmstadt and the main product was the PROXIFIER®, a proximity focused diode-type image intensifier. In 1984 Proxitronic Funk GmbH & Co. KG moved to Bensheim, which is up to now the location of ProxiVision GmbH.

ProxiVisions’ Headoffice in Bensheim, Germany.

Highlights of products improvements and further developments in the company history are the launch the Gen-II 40mm MCP-PROXIFIER® image intensifier production, the introduction of our special “advanced solar-blind” UV-sensitive photocathode, and the launch of the latest type of image intensifiers with germanium or multi-pixel anode for event detection with high time resolution. Our products are estimated by customers throughout the world in the academic, industrial and defense sectors. ProxiVision GmbH is the only German manufacturer of high-performance image intensifiers and related products.

ProxiVision offers standard and customised photon and particle detection as well as imaging systems. Development and production are handled in-house to ensure high quality standards and flexibility. ProxiVision focuses on application specific quality products with high performance.



ISO 9001:2015 Certificate