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ProxiVision GmbH has become part of the Exosens Group in June 2023 and changed its company name to PHOTONIS GERMANY GmbH on December 7th, 2023.
The operation aims at reflecting the company’s strategic position within the Exosens Group of Companies.
This change will not affect the execution of ongoing contracts and/or orders between ProxiVision and their customers, contractors and suppliers.
The company remains the same legal entity with the same commercial registration number and will continue to develop and manufacture its products in Bensheim under the PHOTONIS brand.

The entire management team, engineers and experts involved in the success of ProxiVision will continue the valuable work they have done so far.

Your usual point(s) of contact will be in a position to give you any additional information that you may request.

Feel free to read the press release or contact us if you have any question regarding this change of name and brand.

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