Cameras for VUV to VIS Imaging
(Phosphor Coupled Cameras)

Phosphor Coupled camera

The wide field of UV, X-ray and particle detection, radiography and other specialized imaging calls for high flexibility and responsivity in camera design. ProxiVision offers a well-established range of base cameras ready for use. These cameras can also be used as a platform for integrating various customizations.

Camera engineering by ProxiVision will suggest an optimized solution most suitable to your application.



Customized design for effective integration of a wide set of options. Application optimized coupling between detection screen and camera sensor. Setup and camera electronics is according to customer requirements. Many screen and sensor types (large range of pixel and sensor sizes, resolutions, framerates) can be combined. Coupling with fiber optical plates (1:1) or adaption of field of view by taper coupling is possible. Coupling efficiency is up to 70% (1:1).



  • Detection of electrons, UV, X-rays, particles
  • Detection in vacuum or ambient conditions
  • Imaging
  • Time and laterally resolved intensity measurements
  • Beam adjustments
  • Beam profile analysis

Configuration parameters


  • P43, P46, P47, P11 and other scintillators
  • ITO, chromium, aluminium, water glass coating
  • segmentation of the coating area possible
  • 18 – 100 mm diagonal, bigger on request
  • Coupling and coating of line and area CCD/CMOS elements
  • coating thickness up to 50 µm, thicker on request



Besides the standard configuration we do also take into account application-specific requirements. Thus we invite our customers to provide such information. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.