Charged Particle and VUV Detectors
(Open MCP Detectors)

The open micro channel plate system (OMCP System) is designed to be used with a vacuum system at pressure levels <10^-5 mBar. The Application field is photon, electron an ion detection. The conversion of the detected “particle” to secondary electrons is directly done by the MCP. To enhance the sensitivity for special wave length it is possible to use coated MCPs. For example a KBr or a CsI is a suitable Layer on the entrance Surface of the 1st.

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Configurable standard design for 25mm and 40mm with sealed output window in conflat flange. Customized OMCP system with standard and non standard MCPs (rimless, square type large format) as a development service.

Energy / WavelengthEfficiency
Electrons100 eV … 500 eV
500 eV … 4 keV
4 keV … 100 keV
10% … 50%
50% … 75% … 50%
50% … 10%
Ions500 eV … 3 keV
3 keV … 10 keV
10 keV … 50 keV
50 keV … 200 keV
5% … 40%
40% … 70%
70% … 80% … 70%
70% … 40%
Soft X-ray / UV-Radiation0.2 nm … 30 nm
30 nm … 115 nm
115 nm … 150 nm
3% … 16%
16% … 8%
8% … 2%


If highly energetic particles are to be detected, an energy discriminating foil or layer may be applied between the beam and the MCP detector system in order to increase the MCP´s sensitivity to these highly energetic particles.



  • mass spectrometry
  • electron detection
  • X-ray detection
  • UV detection
  • ion detection
  • time-of-flight measurements
  • short time particle beam adjustments

Configuration parameters


  • Single, double and triple MCP versions
  • Screens with P43, P46, P47 and other scintillators
  • Fiber optic or glass output window
  • Magnetic free MCP detectors available
  • Low cost version available
  • Taper coupling to CCD possible
  • Version with metal anode or metallized multi anode available
  • Coating of first MCP with CsI or KBr possible on request
  • Use of special MCPs possible for example MCPs with center holes (Ø 2-10 mm) or cut-off segments on request
  • Mounted on customized flange or std. vacuum flange (CF63 for 25mm active area and CF100 for 40mm active area)



Besides the standard configuration we do also take into account application-specific requirements. Thus we invite our customers to provide such information. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.

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