Gated Cameras
(Nanosecond Gateable Cameras)

ProxiKit System      PKS

This flexible iCCD camera system can easily be adapted to the user’s needs and requirements. The modules are separated and recombined fast and easily. The available modules are:

  • a gateable Image Intensifier module (ProxiKit Imager, PKI)
  • optional, a slim proximity-focus Gen I booster module (ProxiKit Booster, PKB)
  • a pulse generator for photocathode gating in the ns range(ProxiKit Generator, PKG)
  • the actual fiber coupled camera module (ProxiKit Camera, PKC)
  • lens coupling optic module, c-mount out (ProxiKit Optic, PKO)
  • power terminal for not gated operation (ProxiKit Terminal, PKT)

All components are prepared for easy mounting and disassembly



  • Modular System, PKI, PKB, PKC, PKG, PKT, PKO, µDCU
  • simple adding and removing of modules
  • expansion of an existing system with cost-saving single modules
  • change modules for other applications
  • robust design
  • comfortable handling
  • integrated high voltage power supply
  • grows with your application
  • wide band, intensified and gatable camera system



  • Low light processes like
    Fluorescence analysis, combustion analysis
  • Low light microscopy
  • Fast dynamic processes like
    Plasma research, explosion, Laser triggered processes
  • beam profile analysis, beam detection (UV..)
  • Inspection

Configuration parameters


  • Active diameter:18mm, 25mm
  • Input windows: MgF, fused silica, borosilicate glass, fiber plate…
  • Photocathodes: ASB, XSB, Bialkali, S20, UV enhanced S20



Besides the standard configuration we do also take into account application-specific requirements. Thus we invite our customers to provide such information. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.