Image intensifier modules
(Image Intensifier w. Power Supply)

Image intensifier modules

The detection of lowest light levels at a high signal to noise ratio as well as the possibility to image with shutter times in the nanosecond regime are the key strengths of image intensifiers. These sensors are frequently used to image and count single photon eventsor to image high speed phenomena like combustion processes and plasma dynamics by applying shutter times down to ~3 ns.

For customers who do not want to realize their own readout of the intensifier (Visible types, UV solar blind types) with a camera or Chip, we offer intensifier modules with integrated power supply and fiber optic coupling to diverse CMOS and CCD image sensors.



Image Intensifier Modules will be equipped with a sensor or camera, matching customer requirements, e.g. high framerates, special camera interfaces, radiation hard sensor and alike.



  • Single photon and low light imaging
  • High speed imaging
  • UV imaging and detection
  • Photon counting
  • Fluorescence analysis

Configuration parameters


  • Fiber optic coupling to image sensor or board level camera matching user requirements.
  • Modules are offered for all image intensifier types (See Visible types, UV solar blind types)
  • The modules can be combined with gating modules (ProxiGate) for setups requiring short integration times in the ns regime and precise acquisition triggering.



Besides the standard configuration we do also take into account application-specific requirements. Thus we invite our customers to provide such information. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.