Photomultiplier (CPM) Modules
(CPM Analogue DC Module)

Customized Photomultiplier DC Module DM (0-10 volts out)

The Customized Photomultiplier DC Module series (output 0-10 volts) is designed for all low light applications e.g. in industries, life science or medical analysis, in high energy physics or pure research. It is an easy to use module, containing the Customized Photomultiplier, a high voltage power supply, an amplifier with I/U conversion and an active quenching circuit for high light protection. Different conversion factors according customer’s application requirements, including different frequency bandwidths, can be factory set.

It is also possible to apply an external gate function. Strong variations in light levels are possible due to the high dynamic range of the installed CPM. The exceptional low noise and high sensitivity facilitates detection of extremely low light levels.



  • Extremely low background noise
  • Best low light level detection limits
  • High dynamic range & gain
  • Low microphonic & magnetic sensitivity
  • Compact size & rugged design
  • Multiple photocathode and window selections
  • Plug and play for shortest design-in and time-to-market
  • Customizations and added features available



  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Industrial Spectroscopy
  • DNA & Cell Analysis
  • Nucleic Acid Amplification (Real Time PCR Analysis)

Configuration parameters


  • Wavelength of interest: 115nm to 900 nm
  • Active diameter: 5mm, 15mm, (9mm upon request)
  • Input windows: MgF2, Quartz, UV-Glass, Borosilicate Glass
  • Photocathodes: CsTe, CSI, Bialkali, Low Noise Bialkali, Yellow Enhanced, Multialkali (S20), Multialkali Red Enhanced (S25)



Besides the standard configuration we do also take into account application-specific requirements. Thus we invite our customers to provide such information. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.